• Concrete Barrier Install

    Powell is the leader in the temporary concrete barrier business in Ontario.

    With 30 years of experience, a knowledgeable staff, skilled operators and an extensive equipment fleet, Powell can meet your traffic barrier needs, large or small.

    Powell offers a wide range of traffic barrier products and services, and can mobilize on short notice.

    See the Traffic Barrier section of our website for more information.

  • Crash Attenuator Install

    Powell maintains a large inventory of temporary and permanent crash attenuators to protect concrete barriers, steel beam guide rails, and other roadside hazards.

    Crash attenuation is constantly evolving.

    Powell offers the very best in safe, proven and leading edge systems approved for use in Ontario.

  • SBGR Install

    Powell has the expertise and the equipment to take on a wide variety of steel post and wood post guide rail installations.

    Because we can tailor the installation method to suit your site conditions, we can save you time and complete the work quickly.

    Our staff is highly experienced in all types of guide rail installations, from long runs on 400-Series highways to intricate bridge connections on urban streets.

  • Noisewall Install

    Powell has worked closely with noise barrier wall manufacturers Armtec (formerly Durisol) and International Fence for over 15 years.

    Powell offers specialized installation, maintenance and repair of the noise barrier wall systems manufactured by these two companies.

    See the links section of our homepage for more information on Armtec and International Fence.

  • Overhead Sign Install

    Powell has installed numerous overhead, steel column and timber sign support structures on 400-Series highways, 407 ETR, and other highways across Ontario for over 20 years.

    Our experienced sign installation crew will complete your sign installation projects quickly and efficiently, reducing traffic control and mobilization costs for General Contractors and inconvenience for the travelling public.

  • Ground Mounted Signs

    Powell is leading the industry transition to breakaway steel and wood supports for small signs.

    Our sign installation crew has been fully trained in the new practices.

    Let us know what your sign installation needs are and we will develop a plan meet them.

  • Emergency Response

    Powell is available to complete emergency repairs for any of the products we install.

    Whether it is steel beam guide rail, a crash attenuator or a steel breakaway sign that has been damaged by a vehicle impact you call us to fix it.

    We also provide fast on the spot solutions for more complicated repairs to get your roadway open and moving again when time is of the essence.

    You can call us day or night, we are available 24/7.

  • Cable Guide Rail Install

    Whether you require a cedar post three-cable guide rail system for a low speed rural road or a high tension cable guide rail system for a 400-Series highway, Powell has the right equipment and the right products to meet your needs.